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So you can focus on the important things in life.

I'm a digital nomad and I have been travelling the world and working remotely for the past 6 years. I am focusing my efforts in enabling more people to do the same.  I'm passionate about helping people live their best life while living mine to the fullest.


I'm a huge fan of learning every day. That's why I'm in love with travel. It's definitely the fastest and most intense way to learn, equipping you with a depth and breadth of knowledge that is impossible to learn any other way. That's why I made the decision at 18 to never step foot into an office, and here I am 6 years later working from different countries all over the world, with different clients all over the world. 


When I’m not working, I’m usually traveling and visiting with family and friends. When I travel I’m usually surfing, cooking, meeting people – especially locals. I also stay active by hiking and doing yoga, and of course all of the experiences that come with traveling. Recently I have been putting a lot of time into building a community of people I have helped and will help get online. Below is the places I've been to date. Next up is Latin America!


I’m extremely grateful for the privileges I have, being able to work and travel. When someone is grateful for something, they do all that they can to keep it in their life. I’d also like to enable more people to do so.


I’m in love with travel, tech and a different way of doing things. My love for the remote life and tech are the fuel in growing your brand.  I specialize in Social Media Marketing and Growth Strategy, in addition to consulting about how to switch to a fully location independent lifestyle.



Here are some quick facts:

  • I've been working online in digital marketing since I was 18.

  • I have my Bachelor’s Degree focused on Business Administration Management 

  • I graduated with a double major in Global Management and Marketing.

  • I have been in sales for 9 years. From shoes to craft beer to Credit Cards. I can sell you that pen.

  •  I make jokes in nearly all my client meetings (when appropriate). 

I am really good at organic social and s

Content Marketing is what I do best.

I’ve worked with a marketing startup as the head of digital marketing, have done growth work, organic and paid social for several startups and influencers. I love pretty photos and I'm head over heels for growth metrics and continuously analyzing data. (nerd mode: always activated :) )

I have a growth mindset and won't settle for less

I have worked on strategy for companies located in 4 different continents. Currently, I am working with a leading Growth Hacking agency in Isreal and I have worked in business development to grow a software from Spain into the North American market and continuing on a side project developing a social sharing app based out of the United States.

I am really good at organic social and s

If you want to hear me crack some funny jokes on a call, don't be shy....


Let's connect and I'll walk you through the process
or come experience a week-long, intensive course to be able totally own it as a digital nomad

I want to share my knowledge, mistakes, insights, and guidance and help more people change their lives to fit what they want to do, instead of the other way around. I offer one on one coaching for anyone who wants to get online helping them switch to a location independent lifestyle. I also teach comprehensive courses about how to become a digital nomad (whether you're an employee, freelancer or entrepreneur).

Destination: Unleashed
By definition, unleashed means a cause to be released or become unrestrained. To us, it means to break boundaries and to run wild, to break out of the norm. Join us for 5 day seminar by Christina Voll, daily surf lessons, & yoga lessons. Unleash your potential, unleash your fear, unleash adventure!
Oct 31, 2019, 12:00 PM – Nov 04, 2019, 4:00 PM
Rua Joaquim Barardo 49, Ferrel, Portugal




"Christina has been a extremely valuable and integral part of The French Tutor’s growth and expansion in the Canadian marketplace. Her digital expertise and ability to pivot to customize to our specific business needs is valued. We have seen an increase in leads and interaction with our brand from clients that we have never been able to reach.
I consider Christina an asset to our team and confident that her digital savvy would be progressive for any brand and team she is associated with."


— Elise Beckles, CEO & Founder of The French Tutor Inc.