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having a

brand identity so powerful it makes you love running your business.

I can help you...

Market it.

I want you to fall in love with your marketing. With 9 years in sales and 6 years of digital marketing experience, I'll cover your marketing so you can focus on running your business.

Own it.

I want you to have time for the important things in life, such as relationships, health, and your wellbeing. I'll help you run a successful online business and own the process.


I'm Christina Voll.

I'm a digital marketing consultant, founder of Rise Remotely, and a remote work advocate. 

In the past 8 years, while travelling the world and working remotely:

  • I've worked with a marketing startup as the head of digital marketing, have done growth work, organic and paid social for several startups and influencers.

  • I have worked on strategy for companies located in 5 different continents, including a leading Growth Hacking agency in Israel, I was a Busines Development Manager growing a software from Spain into the North American market, and I helped create a community for a social sharing app in the United States.

  • I've worked with tech companies, small start-ups and big corporate companies, giving life to their branding and content marketing strategies. 

In January, 2021: 

I launched my second business, Rise Remotely. It's an online platform backed by a network of industry experts in remote work, digital nomadism and personal development providing online education to help people go remote, no matter what stage of the journey they start.


I want to help others achieve the same freedom that having a location independent lifestyle brings.


I do this by:

  • Continuing to help online brands by working remotely as a freelancer.

  • Mentoring change-seekers to build their freelancing business or online business to success through 1:1 sessions and programs.

  • Managing Rise Remotely and the awesome team behind it.

The last 7 years have been a wild ride, to say the least. Below are the countries I've traveled to, and in my work, mentoring and teachings are the lessons I've learned and the passion I've developed. 


I still get chills writing about the power of remote work and what the last 7 years have brought me.


So, I invite you to now come along for the ride, whether your a business owner, change-seeker or want to change the future of remote work.

8 years ago...

I made the decision to never step foot into an office and work a traditional 9-5.

Now that's enough about me, let's see how well we can work together to help you find happiness in remote work.

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How do I balance managing a company, working as a freelance digital marketing consultant, and offer mentoring?

Things that are important to me in all the work I do are:

  • happiness

  • purpose

  • communication

  • honesty

  • transparency

  • innovation

  • efficiency

  • results-based decisions

Core concepts

Image by Christina @

The process:

(My favourite word)

The first call is on me! No matter what service.

Get to know one another

Define where the magic happens

Hiring a freelancer? A mentor? Need a problem solved?

Make a realistic time-frame

I designed a process so that I never take on projects that I don't have time for. 

Make it happen

Your time is important. That's why we can start right away, based on both of our availability.

Want to learn more?

Get access to the resources that I wish I had when I started growing my client's brands and my freelancing business.

It took me several years to document my processes and keep tabs of my lifestyle while I continued to travel the world and gain experience in working remotely and finding success as a freelancer. Here are some documents that I think are most valuable for any entrepreneur or freelancer looking to own the process.

** Please note that you will be re-directed to I launched this platform to help people go remote, no matter where they start.  Feel free to explore more resources there too! 

Girl Working in a Cafe

Start Your Social From Scratch

€ 250.00 

Man on Laptop

Pitch + Proposal Guide + Audit

€ 25.00 

Traveling Girl

How to Own it as a Freelancer

€ 150.00 

So, what's next?

"Christina has been a extremely valuable and integral part of The French Tutor’s growth and expansion in the Canadian marketplace. Her digital expertise and ability to pivot to customize to our specific business needs is valued. We have seen an increase in leads and interaction with our brand from clients that we have never been able to reach.
I consider Christina an asset to our team and confident that her digital savvy would be progressive for any brand and team she is associated with."

— Elise Beckles, CEO & Founder of The French Tutor Inc. 


"I've worked with Christina for several years now and she has and continues to develop a vast array of technical and creative skills and areas of expertise.  She uses those skills and deploys them in your business to help your business operate and grow in whatever capacity you need."


— J Keith Hall, Co-Founder & Product Developer at theWTFactory

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Some proof:

"The most significant outcome is that I have a new perspective and excitement in my approach to living as a freelancer abroad."

— Josef Sindelka, Freelance Digital Content Creator

Annotation 2020-04-10 101258.jpg

"Mentoring with Christina was awesome because it really helped me gain some accountability and learn a lot of strategies about personal branding and how to really weave my purpose and my vision into what I want to create as a business.  As a coach myself, I am aware of how challenging and vulnerable it can be to enter into a coaching process and really speak your dreams and visions out loud and make a plan to achieve them. The support that Christina gave, and the assignments, as well as the follow-up and constant communication really helped me get aligned with what I want to create."


— Michaela D'Amico, Nonviolent Communication Coach

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