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Resources to help you own it.

Perfect the process of working remotely and building your business as an entrepreneur or a freelancer with tools and strategies I wish I knew at the start of my journey.

Small investments with a big impact

After years of continuously reading countless blog posts, enrolling in digital marketing and business building courses, and years of executing what I've learned in real-life experiences with a magnitude of clients and living as a digital nomad, I've created these content-rich, practical guides to help the process of owning it online, become a little easier for you. 

** Please note that you will be re-directed to I launched this platform to help people go remote, no matter where they start.  Feel free to explore more resources there too! 

Girl Working in a Cafe

Start Your Social From Scratch

€ 250.00 

Traveling Girl

How to Own It As a Freelancer

€ 150.00 

Man on Laptop

Pitch + Proposal Guide

€ 45.00 

Learn with free remote work tools:

These tools have made managing digital marketing clients, coaching clients and building a business much easier for me. They have also helped my clients who are busy business owners or successful freelancers. This list is a combination of tools I've discovered by Googling for hours on end, working with clients for years helping them run their businesses more efficiently and by connecting and sharing resources with other freelancers and digital nomads.

They're a few of the hidden gems behind my success in operation, and I'm sharing them with you to help you own it. 


Instead of your Google Browser, you'll be connected to curated marketing articles to help you always progress your learning. Try to open 1 per day and read it, or create a list of them to read later.




If you're running a business, with corresponding social media accounts, Gmail accounts or any other platforms that you need to log into, switching between accounts can be time-consuming. Even worse, if you're a freelancer logging in and out of your client's accounts you may actually get locked out (especially if you're travelling). Save all your passwords in different Google Chrome people to ensure you always can get into your accounts safely and without multiple password resets.

Time management

I've used this with all of my clients to track the hours I work for them. I also use this on my own projects so I know how much time I am spending on my goals and what I am investing, even when I am not getting paid per hour. You can even make reports on a per-project basis.


Use Notion to organize your life. Title your files using your favourite emojis and you can even share your notes with your team. Think of it as a mix between Evernote and Google Docs. Plus, you can embed spreadsheets directly into the pages and it works offline!

Digital wellbeing

As a freelancer or an entrepreneur, chances are, you'll end up working at night at the very least, a few times. Flux helps minimize your blue light exposure by syncing with your current time zone's sunrise and sunset. As the sunset approaches and the night deepens, your blue light exposure will be decreased correspondingly on your screen. Fret not - you can always turn it off when doing colour-sensitive work.


No matter what you write online, you want it to be free of typos and grammatically correct. Using Grammarly saves you from having typos and mistakes in critical places, such as a social media post.  

Request the resource list and choose to purchase any of the 50+ resources I've created to help manage your business. Choose from e-books, exercises, checklists, workbooks, quizzes, etc. to help you own every stage of becoming a successful freelancer.

You're going to own it!

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