Resources to help you own it.

Perfect the process of working remotely and building your business as an entrepreneur or a freelancer with tools and strategies I wish I knew at the start of my journey.

Small investments with a big impact

After years of continuously reading countless blog posts, enrolling in digital marketing and business building courses, and years of executing what I've learned in real-life experiences with a magnitude of clients and living as a digital nomad, I've created these content-rich, practical guides to help the process of owning it online, become a little easier for you. 

** Please note that you will be re-directed to I launched this platform to help people go remote, no matter where they start.  Feel free to explore more resources there too! 

Girl Working in a Cafe

Start Your Social From Scratch

€ 250.00 

Traveling Girl

How to Own It As a Freelancer

€ 150.00 

Man on Laptop

Pitch + Proposal Guide

€ 45.00