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Want to change your life?

This is life.

This isn't.

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Digital Nomad
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Imagine waking up every morning excited to start your day because everything that you do makes your soul sing.

Say hello to freedom.

Find your freedom with a successful online business that allows you to work with passion and gives you purpose.

Let me guess...

You feel stuck at your job and you're waiting to take the leap into a lifestyle that you can find freedom in, although you just don't know exactly how.

You feel as if the traditional 9-5 is robbing your time and not allowing you to focus on things that are important in life, such as friends, family and relationships.

You want to be part of the remote-work movement and say no to spending your life behind 4 gray cubicle walls. No more pre-constructed ways of life.

Or, you've even hit roadblocks...

You've scored your first client or got your first sale but aren't sure what to do from there. Having multiple clients, managing payments, and new getting experience seems overwhelming or unattainable.

You're managing your business manually, without a strategy and process and it is reflecting in your work. This makes you a slave to your freelancing job and not able to give yourself a day off.

You are having success and enjoying freelancing/ running an online business, although it's time to level up, whether this means creating a website for your freelancing business, or taking it on the road and travelling while working.

Let's change that.

Learn how to:

Market and brand yourself

Learn the importance of personal branding and voice, from your online presence to your pitch and purposal.

Master your mindset

Learn from real life examples the mindset needed (and not needed) to help you succeed as a freelancer or business owner.

Manage with a process

Don't fail in your business because you don't have a process or strategy in your work. Own the process, and learn to love it!

Make a website + online presence 

With tutorials on Wix, Wordpress and Square Space, we'll get your website up and running so you can start scoring (more) clients/sales.

You'll have access to 50+ resources, such as e-books, exercises, checklists, workbooks, quizzes, etc. to help you own every stage of becoming a successful entrepreneur

Find your freedom:

Book a discovery call:

Are you looking for freedom in your business? Whether you want to start out from scratch or have experience already, we get to know each other and then dive in deep. We will both discover what path you want to take, and what exactly can help you get there.


  • 45-minute discovery call

  • 1 week of emailing + Whatsapp after the call

  • Clarity about your path 

  • My favourite remote work tools as a thank you!

The turning point session:

The focus of this session is to understand where you are currently and how to make the most impact whether you are starting out as a freelancer, or an online business owner. This is focused on your personal experience and it is tailored by the information found out on the discovery call. By the end of the session you will have a clear path of what you have to do, and a step-by-step process tailor-made for you of exactly how to get there.

$150.00 USD

  • 1.5 h call + discovery call 

  • Personalized execution strategy to achieve your goals

  • 1 week of e-mailing / WhatsApp 

  • 1 free tool/ resource
    best suited for you

Five 1.5-hour coaching sessions

The focus of all of these coaching sessions are to give you a kick-start when you need them. They are available for you to use with 3 days notice given. They are valid for 1 year, in the event that you want to try things out on your own, and become stuck, or want that motivation you had 3 months ago. They focus specifically on what you need to keep you going and keep chasing the life you want.

$750.00 USD

  • Everything included in turning point session

  • Access to emailing for the duration of your sessions

  • 5 1.5 hour sessions valid for 1 year from purchase

  • 5 resources recommended / that you can choose from, accessible 24/7

Become location-independent

3-month training:

Kick-start your new life

Month 1:

Move and map your mindset​​​

  • Here we make sure that your mindset is on track with a variety of exercises, tests, worksheets and even weekend motivation.

Month 2: 

Level up

  • This month we actually dive in and reconstruct your online presence and tone of voice and make you a sexy new website with social media to match.

Month 3: 

Make it happen

  • We perfect your pitch, proposal, run moc-interviews, and go ahead and apply to your dream jobs or make the moves for your first sale!

$2175.00 USD

  • 1:1 weekly calls (video/audio)

  • 2 resources every week and accountability for them

  • Profiles + Website audit 

  • Build-your-website training

  • Moc-up interviews / excerises

  • Access to personal Whatsapp + emailing 

  • Access to digital nomad groups 

Month 4:

How to keep it going

  • This includes a re-assessment based on your previous goals and objectives, a detailed step-by-step action plan and personalized and intensive motivation to keep you going.

Month 5: 

Let go of what doesn't make you happy

  • We deep-dive into all aspects of your current state of happiness, and your ideal state. We combine this with purposeful travel and more.

Month 6: 

Make it happen

  • This is focused on longevity, so it gives a look at finances as a freelancer/ business owner and travel tips, in addition to a year-long action plan.

6-month training:

Become location indepedent

$4175.00 USD

  • 3-month kick-start your new life coaching package

  • 1:1 weekly calls (video/audio)

  • 2 resources every week and accountability for them

  • Real-life examples to get you through roadblocks

  • Deep dive into purposeful travel

  • A look at finances and taxes as a digital nomad/expat

  • Year long action plan to help you achieve your dreams

"Mentoring with Christina gave me an understanding of what I want to do with my art, and what the next steps were, and how to execute the plan. It helped me clarify what the plan was and how to bring it to the next level, and execute this plan to promote my small business. Christina is very knowledgeable in her field and very good at guiding you through the process of finding your true passion, and how to bring that in front of people and create new possibilities for your business. She gave me the tools to see how to bring my art from a physical product to selling it online. I am so excited to step into this new stage of my life, so thank you to Christina for this."

— Irina Dharma, Silk Mandala Artist 

“Over the years that I have known Christina she has been a great role model. With her excessive knowledge on digital marketing, she has had a huge impact on my approach and decision making as a digital nomad. I have been able to learn so much from her and I believe she is an excellent coach. With her detailed strategies and insight on social media and content marketing, she is the person I contact to answer my questions.”

— Reza Abyaneh, Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

irina headshot.jpg

"The problem I was looking to solve was where to take my business. I have a lot of different ideas and routes I was considering and I really needed to narrow down my ideas and feel confident in what I wanted to do. Approaching this challenge with the support of Christina was amazing because she had a lot of activities that allowed me to get clear about what were the possibilities are and how could I phrase them in a way that was empowering and how to do this with marketing. She was a great resource and really helped me get on track and confident, I recommend working with her!"

— Michaela D'Amico, Nonviolent Communication Coach

"When I started mentoring sessions with Christina, it helped me prioritize my goals and realize what I really want. Before I started mentoring, I did not know how to start. I felt lost in what I needed to do and it was overwhelming. Working with Christina, I discovered a flow and I appreciate this discipline. I now feel like I know where to start, and if I have this doubt again, I can solve it by myself because I learned a lot from Christina and have much more clarity. I would recommend mentoring sessions with her because she really knows what she is doing and she is super motivated

— Betül Yildirim, Digital Marketing Consultant

michela headshot.jpg
Annotation 2020-04-10 112032.jpg

"With Christina's excessive knowledge of digital marketing, detailed strategies, and insight on content marketing she has had a huge impact on my whole working process and decision making. Coaching sessions with Christina has helped me discover not only what a good content strategy is but also how to direct that into a business that can sustain and still be joyful. She is a committed coach who is always willing to listen and answer my questions. I can truly recommend working with Christina for her great expertise in digital marketing combined with nomadic lifestyle."

— Josef Sindelka, Freelance Digital Content Creator

Annotation 2020-04-10 101258.jpg

How do I know that a location independent lifestyle will give you freedom and drive your passions?


It's all I've ever known. 


For the past 7 years, I've felt the exhilarating power that you feel when you live a life that isn't pre-constructed for you. A life you actually love.


When you set what you want to accomplish, you reach your own goals, you reap the rewards.


Happiness becomes a bi-product. Not a destination that always feels so far away.

You have time to spend with family, friends and on yourself. 

You have drive and passion that comes with being your own boss.

You have the ability to travel the world.

You set your own rules and embark on a journey of a lifetime.

I became a digital nomad while still in university. 
I scored my first interview (for a job that was a whopping 10$ /h) with an application I filled out during class.  In the interview, I made the founder laugh so hard he hired me on the spot. I had no experience and told him exactly that.

I quit my job in event marketing to peruse freelancing.

I was working 10 hour shifts as a brand ambassador, balancing 6 university classes, 5 marketing clients, and learning Spanish. Let me tell you about time management. The money from my job was good, but freedom was better.

I strengthened my skills and scored freelancing gigs with top clients.

As I was travelling the world, continuously learning and improving my processes turned into a passion, and I landed top clients like a leading Israeli Growth Hacking Agency and super-cool SaaS companies.

I established myself as a freelancer who could pick and choose clients.

After mistakes I made as a nieve freelancer, I found my worth and I learned how to stand up for myself professionally. This lead to clients respecting me more, and me having more work opportunities that I found purposful.

Here's how I did it:

Find your freedom, just like they did:


will this work?

bet headshot.jpg

Is this for you?

You want a change, whether that means leaving your current job, or trying a new niche freelancing.

You have an idea of your niche, or have it narrowed down to some options.

You are feeling overwhelmed with any part of running your business, from getting started to owning the process.

you want to be location-independent (and this does not mean that you have to travel - simply just work online).

It's a perfect fit, if...

Not-so-perfect fit, if...

You simply don't have the time to commit to building a freelancing business or online business.

You are not ready to shift your career to a life that you design, and instead, would rather stay in a 9-5.

You are not ready to open up about your work and your processes.

You are not willing to commit to doing any of the exercises or read the resources that I would provide you with.

Ready to find your unique freedom?

Welcome to a new location-independent life.

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