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Let's both fall in love with your marketing.

Imagine having an online presence that is so impactful it captivates consumers and runs on autopilot.

Tired of marketing agencies and freelancers taking all your money and not delivering results.

If you're not tired of it, I am. I've heard and have seen first-hand horror stories of marketing agencies and freelancers over-charging for pretty documents filled with little value, or execution strategies. I feel your pain.

A new business owner who doesn't have the time to also be a marketer.

Either you're trying to make your side hustle into your new (remote) 9-5, or you're working on your passion outside of your job. As you browse through countless blog posts about building your e-mail list, Facebook ads, SEO tactics, growth hacking tactics, and delivering all that value, you begin to doubt your product or service, and then the stress kicks in.  

Maybe you are...

Stressed Woman
Stressed Man

In need of a re-vamp of your in-house strategies.

Maybe you're already driving sales on your service/product, but your social media and digital strategy are out-dated. Or, maybe you don't even have one at all. Maybe you are looking for a fresh, new branding make-over, but don't know where to start.

You probably need...

That's where I'm going to get you.

Growth and Strategy

  • Growth Strategy

  • Execution Strategy 

  • Growth Hacking

  • Funnel Optimization

  • Data-driven results



  • Affiliate Marketing/PR

  • Email Marketing 

  • Paid Campaigns + Social

  • Marketing Automation

  • Business Development



  • Organic Social Media

  • SEO Blogging

  • Inbound Marketing 

  • Content Strategy

  • Content Creation

Branding and 

Online Presence 

  • Brand differentiation 

  • Consumer Profiling

  • Messaging and voice

  • Budget allocation

  • PR / Collaborations

Website Development

  • Wix, or Squarespace

  • Design + branding

  • Execution and creation

  • Conversion optimization

I've worked with a magnitude of brands, From a tech advocacy SaaS company, to co-working and co-living retreats, to e-commerce brands and high-profile infleuncers and key-note speakers, to a leading Growth Hacking Agency. I like a challenge and I like learning.

Remote work is all I know. Whether I'm travelling or not, I follow all measures to ensure the fact that I am working remotely does not interfere with the tasks at hand. (Different time-zones have nothing on me)

I enjoy what I do and when I am doing it and I make sure that carries out in all of our calls, communication and results.

You're in luck. 

With 7+ years of marketing experience, I work with understanding your company's goals and implement execution strategies, so you can start loving your marketing.

Let's fit what you actually need.

Signing a year-long contract can be scary and unproductive.


That's why a 3-month getting started package allows you to get started, learn how to implement, test, and analyze the correct measures, and then be able to adapt the strategy in-house. 


I've worked with over a dozen startups - strategy creation, execution and optimization is where the magic happens. Results come within 3 months, but real, true, head-over-heels marketing love, just like any love, takes hard work, trust and a lot of really good dates. Ahmen, I mean content.


Let's map out the exact route to get you there, and your short term and long term goals and hyper-specific action items. 

In the first month

 I will create a variety of strategies that are super-specific to only your brand to grow your business at whatever capacity you need, with whatever budget you have. 

In the first 3 months

We will execute the strategies and know what to optimize based on your results. You'll start making waves and it will feel like a total honeymoon.

3+ months of work

We might just want to get marketing married. This is where I've determined what your processes are and how to keep longevity and excitement in your brand.

And now for some more client love:

"Christina is a knowledgeable, dedicated and hardworking creative. In just 30 days, we saw massive growth across our social platforms based on her strategy and execution. Christina is communicative, professional and incredibly easy to work with. I would highly recommend her to a new business owner or one who is looking to switch up the game."

—Cecilia Meis, Managing Editor and Director of Digital Content, CBD Snapshot


"Christina worked with us to build our initial mailing list and marketing strategy for the ShopMangoRabbit and Kerina Mango brand which now totals over 600k followers.  She also did other tasks as assigned.  She was flexible, thorough in communication, detail-oriented, and generally a pleasure to work with."​

— Peter Peng, Co-Founder of ShopMangoRabbit

Quiet Desk

"Christina is a very dedicated and creative social media manager. She’s consistent, trustworthy and driven!"

— Roy Povarchik, CEO & Founder of

Neat Computer Desk

"Christina is a true professional at social media marketing strategy and content creation. Her eye for design and aesthetics is unparalleled and she understands what it takes to effectively use social media to convert to sales and revenue. My professional experience of her work is efficient and effective. Her experience and knowledge base with social media, email campaigns and website building is a complete package and she delivers on schedule every time. I highly recommend working with Christina if you are looking for holistic marketing solutions for your business."

— Carley Montgomery, Lead Designer at Hona Wellness

Computer with Graph

Ready to fall in love with your marketing?

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